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Tailor-made photography tours & lessons by a Budapest photographer.

Joseph Banko is a freelance professional photographer (& photo assistant) living and working in Budapest.

Photo tours, photography lessons and workshops are offered for photo enthusiasts from beginner to advanced level.

With years of work experience in the field Jozsef can teach and help you to advance in many ways:
- how to use your camera's different modes (such as Av, Tv or full Manual mode), functions,
menus and dials,
- how to find the best angles when you choose your spot,
- framing basics, tips & tricks on composition,
- understanding the basics of exposure,
- working in manual mode,
- choosing the right settings on your camera that gives you the result you have had in your mind,
- understanding and using in-camera light metering to get the best result,
- advantage of shooting in RAW,
- etc.,
- lessons in post-processing your photos / raw files you took (e.g. an extra 1,5 hours after
the photo tour or later on over a skype video call).

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Shoot my travel photographer Budapest / vacation photography in Budapest

Jozsef is available to hire for photo shoots, including "shoot my travel" / vacation photography in Budapest and across Hungary. Jozsef Banko is a professional photographer working in Budapest offering on-location and studio photography services.